Param Pujya Naypadmsagarji Maharajsaheb has conceived, conceptualized and implemented the process of uniting all Jains, regardless of the sect and each of the above sectors. He has dedicated his life to make the dream into reality..As part of this vision he formed organization called J.I.O. (Jain International Organization).

J.I.O. Pariwar app is a J.I.O. initiative under the blessings of Gurudev Param Pujya Naypadmsagarji Maharajsaheb to connect everyone within the Jain community & make communication flow within Jains easier.

Purpose of the app :

Business networking Jain to Jain
You can post classifieds related to your business

Jobs exchange
All jain companies can post their openings as well as candidates seeking jobs can post their profiles

GST decoded
Lots of knowledge of GST will be exchanged in the app. Lot of questions will be answered by our Jain tax professionals

Jain samaj connectivity
This app will help us in communicating J.I.O. Initiatives to all Jains and thoughts of Gurudev and also any Jain citizen, in state of the art communication platform



You can create posts on one click within a group or post a poll. You can also ask quantitative questions.


We allow considerable browsing convenience with various filters related to date, people & category.


With unlimited group size & unlimited groups it lets you connect to the community via group discussions & newsfeed.


Various privacy settings is given to admin to manage the posts & secrecy of content shared within the group. Owners control Admin rights.


This feature allows you to tag a post to a category.This lets you sift through the posts to get the one relevant to you.


Using this feature you can cut down the time browsing through posts. Just type the phrase you are looking for and can get all the posts related to that within a group.